Clochard is a band from Leuven (Belgium), that plays songs in the Dutch language, with moving lyrics, close harmony singing and catchy tunes.

Clochard consists of the Dessers brothers, David and Ezra, Frans van Hamersveld, Mark van Dal, Katrien Bos and Jo Zanders. David sings, plays whistle and banjo, and has written the original Clochard songs. Ezra plays the diatonic accordion and sings the lower voices. Frans plays the fiddle, sings the upper voices and provides arrangements for songs and tunes. Mark shapes the Clochard sound with his original open tunings on guitar. Katrien accompanies the band on double bass, and Jo devotes himself to percussion.

Clochard released its third album ‘Salto Mortale’ in 2014. This CD was very well received, not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands. The CD release was the start of a series of interesting concerts in Belgian and Dutch folkclubs and festivals.

The composition of original Dutch folky songs is Clochard’s true love, in which all the qualities of their music meet: nice melodies, poetic lyrics, close harmony singing and exciting tunes. Clochard likes to combine this with a keen selection of European folktunes.

When playing live, Clochard likes to present an interesting mix of instrumental and vocal music, of fast dances and slow ballads, of ambiance and quiet enjoyment. With this repertoire full of surprises you can find Clochard playing in folk clubs, and on the stages of folk festivals and city happenings.